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Quagliarella becomes oldest italian goalscorer

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ABIO QUAGLIARELLA INSISTED he doesn’t feel 36 as the veteran pondered an “excellent night” that saw him become Italy’s oldest goalscorer in a pounding 6-0 prevail upon 10-man Liechtenstein.

Quagliarella told Rai: “I am 36 years old, but I don’t feel it! It’s a beautiful evening, wonderful with two goals. I have not played in the national team for quite some time, so being back here and helping is a great feeling. I am happy, I feel physically in good shape, I am calm and I train continuously, which is fundamental. Sampdoria are putting me in a good position too.

“I thank Roberto Mancini, who watched me throughout the whole season and gave me this opportunity.

“I thank both Jorginho and Leonardo Bonucci for their gesture to let me take the penalties – they both urged me to, even though they were the designated takers. 

“I thought after the first, when second was awarded, surely one of them would step up, but they told me it was my night.”

He added: “Thanks to my team-mates, as they urged me to get a third in the second half.  It didn’t arrive but I thank them because they all wanted to help me score and it was marvellous.

“I also wanted to thank the fans, as that standing ovation is a memory I will always take with me. The applause was great. We are Italy, this is the kind of game we need to be playing. We’re top of the group and it’s a young squad that can only grow.”

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